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I love the photos Kristin took of me in my home studio. They feel like moments instead of images. She made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and invited me to be myself. She has such a genuine and creative eye and heart. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful moments she captured.

kelsey_mplsstudio (37 of 59).jpg
taylor and parker_red rocks-22.jpg

Kristin is thoughtful and empathetic, and is focused on capturing people's authentic energy and spirit. She has a unique style and perspective, and loved the whole experience in addition to the pictures!

taylor and parker_red rocks-78.jpg

Kristin is magic. She has photographed our family on multiple occasions, each time capturing that dreamy magic of parenting that is sometimes difficult to see in real life. She is a delight to work with. 


Kristin captures the essence of a person through her photography — what makes them come alive. She shows the beauty in their edges and draws out of them what they want to communicate with the world

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