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kristin and mark
mark and i met properly when we were eighteen;
despite having lived five doors down from one another for years, and having attended the same preschool. (there is footage of us dancing next to one another at a recital. it's darling and i will share once i get my hands on the tape).
Growing up, Mark opted to attend private school, while i attended public, and our social lives just did not seem to overlap, though now we recount often on how many friends we had in common.
As fate (or our parents' scheming would have it), our paths would cross in the spring of our senior year in high school. 
Our families decided to take a trip together to Florida, along with many of my close friends and their families.
Looking back - it almost certainly was our parents' scheming to get us together! 
Whether it is owed to cupid or God or our parents, Mark and I fell for one another immediately.
I'll never forget the first time I met him and the way he laughed with his whole body. The way his facial expressions prevented him from hiding any of his emotions. I was immediately charmed.
Mark, to this day, tells me he knew right away - he was in love. 
Whoa whoa whoa.
Really? Love? Right away? I ask.
Yes. He always replies with certainty, and some shyness
I guess it does happen for some people. Some of us just know. For others, it takes years to know. 
But every story is unique.
And I'd like to hear yours.
Kristin Mark Married-Reception by Redmon
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