a personal video of our yosemite road trip! i warn ya, it's kinda wonky!

but you know what -- i will not get ANYWHERE in life if i keep NOT sharing imperfect things.

so here you go. this my weird-experimental-video-journal of our trip!

we made our way from our home in seattle, all the way down to saaaannn frannnsisco bayyy and yosemite national park (for my brother's wedding to his amazing bride, Sha Sha!)

this video, as you can rightly see, contains footage from our time in oregon :)

i chose very few shots and drew them out for a long while.

i think i get tired of the constant change need for speed in entertainment these days.

the videos of our lives should reflect those long, breath-filled, moments. the ones that draw out, that you wish would draw out forever.

you'll also notice that all the shots are hand-held (aka a bit shaky). this, i don't mind at times, especially for a video like this which i'd like to remain quite personal and scrappy :)

hit me up if you have questions or comments!