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an afternoon in downtown renton with lareesa and a delicious drink from boon boona coffee as well

as crystals from 4 sisters holistic remedies and wall/window art by local businesses 8-bit Arcade and Idolize Tattoo.

i love creating images with this human. we always always always end up with something rad with almost minimal planning. you know, we really ought to pay more attention to how it feels to work with individuals. with lareesa, creating is free-flowing and easy for me. we chat, enjoy the creative process, and bounce ideas off of one another. we both share in our own discomfort and insecurities (yes we all have them!!) and the sharing turns into a sort of ebbing away of those things.

the insecurities ebb away and the creative energy flows.

energy. that's the word to use when describing lareesa in front of the lens. i said it in a recent instagram post and i'll say it here - her energy is really something.

it's something you can't really teach. and i try to remind her of this often. her presence, ALONG with her incredible beauty, is what i love to capture.

oh and obvi she has AMAZING style. i mean come on. every time we shoot together she brings some rad look that i haven't seen her rock before. lareesa is eclectic. and yet, timeless.

look at that face!! gorgeous. hilarious. truthful.

i believe i made some joke about shitty old racist white dudes in this moment lol. we always find ways to laugh together.

how fricken cute is this color combo below!! i'm also hard core into video games (not pacman in particular) but was totally digging this vibe.

love this tying up the hair moment.

this bw above and color image below are my favorite. i just love how she looks like she's in a ballerina pose!

clearly i could share every image. i won't but i nearly already have haha. i hope you enjoyed this compilation of images as much as i do!!!! creating brings joy and connection. this is a true fact i have learned. especially when you work with those you naturally connect to on a personal/spiritual level.

OH. and lareesa made these earrings. like what. so damn cute. as soon as i get my ears pierced, i'm hopefully going to commission her to make me a pair <3

support your local makers and friends! you won't regret it.

until next time,



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