Some of you may wonder:

Why is this white girl writing about her own story and point of view on the topics of racism?

Isn’t this a time to for white folks to be listening to BBIPOC and passing the mic already?

Yes. Completely. It is.

But, as Myisha T Hill, author and Founder of the Check Your Privilege movement communicates, there is a need for spaces where white folks can actually begin to address their racism, without relying on black and brown voices to guide them*.

“I understand and recognize that it’s hard for white women to dig into the dark spaces and actually see how subconscious and unconscious truths allow their actions to cause harm to Black, Brown and Indigenous People of Color. I also realize it’s not just doing the work that’s important, rather it’s about Living into the Work. Living into stepping back. Living into owning your mistakes. Living into dismantling white supremacist capitalist patriarchy in order to demolish the systems that set BIPOC up to fail, while rebuilding a system that allows us to succeed.”
Myisha T. Hill
“Check Your Privilege: Live into the work”

Racism is ugly. And it is apart of us.

Whose job is it to blight it out? Is it not our very selves? With a little help from our friends?

As always, please engage! With respect <3

A Genuine Thank You for Your Time,

Kristin Abigail