beacon food forest with naomi, david and little josie

for the life of me i can not figure out how to align those images right now! so they will stay unaligned!

sometimes, you have to push past perfection in order to. get. shit. done.

and in order to create beautiful, lasting, things. like these photographs of this friggin family!

i sent naomi, david and josie 94 images from this session - 94!

we just had a blast. and i feel like it's kind of obvious when you look at the photos :)

we played amidst the dying and still living things that find their homes in seattle winter.

like the birds of the air, and, to our surprise, some pretty orange flowers (i do not know the name of. holler at me if ya do! mums?)

these days, i'm creating lots of blurry/out of focus images - on purpose! the imperfection draws me into the story in a way a perfect image simply cannot! do you agree?

i also fancy the partial cutting off of heads - in my images! for artistic reasons, of course! mostly, to simplify an image or allow the viewer to be drawn more closely to details i think really make the image WHAT IT IS.