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#BlackLivesMatter + #SilenceisMostCertainlyViolence

I'm so good at hashtags so I decided to create the second one.

I think there can be minor hesitation around silence = violence. How can that even be true? I've always thought silence, or neutrality just meant you were a peaceful person who wasn't interested in getting involved in disputes or violence?

Like Sweden, right?

Well, when folks joke about being like Sweden they forget to mention what Sweden was sitting out on.

They were sitting out on a war that challenged a dictatorship that turned on its very own people and started annihilating them and persecuting them purely for being what the Nazis weren't - Jewish.

This sounds awfully familiar to what's happening in present day America.

And, right now, all of us white folks HAVE a choice.

To be silent, and continue on in our white silence, avoiding any topics that might stir up our fragility and evoke white tears.


We can exam our very selves and ask why we have been silent and complacent for so long.

We can learn the true history of our nation. Engage and Support Black Lives Matter, and affiliate justice organizations.

We can look at the data - that clearly presents police brutality as just another facet of our racist white society.

And we can decide that today, we will not be the ones to keep being silent.

Today, we will break through the white noise, with our voices, to say no more.

No more will we be silent. Complacent. And no more will we let our white voices and actions contribute to this pattern of systematic oppression.


Engage with me on this topic! Last November, 2019, I came out with a podcast episode (my first one ever) titled "White Guilt".

It definitely peaked peoples' interest from my white community! Unfortunately, I got caught up in my winter blues/depression and have yet to come out with Part 2.

I'll say what I keep on saying - it's coming SOON!!

In the the meantime, enjoy the teaser and part one of "White Guilt" :)

Thank you, as always, for your support <3

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