danielle and zeke in tacoma <3 one of many sweet photoshoots throughout the years with these two

i so dearly love these images.

in them i find there to be so much honesty - the light, the body language, the simple moments...which i have found in my time as an artist, often contains the truest kind of beauty.

i find myself saying this about pretty much all my sessions with my clients.. but i think this is one of my favorite shoots!!

actually - every shoot i've had with individuals who feel they can open their minds/hearts to my approach to photography - has been beautiful.

and what is this big secret approach of mine that can make our time together magical, you ask?

this magical approach is:

me encouraging/guiding/urging you and yours to

be your





no real posing - besides me telling you what part of the room/space to be in (due to lighting desires). and yes, i encourage you to interact, and touch, and play.

i encourage you to connect with one another.

to deter your attention from me and my lens.

the lens - which makes us all behave differently than we'd normally (this is legit backed up by since) - can ask things of us. it can ask perfection. from the model and the photographer.

and this idea + image of perfection in our white heteronormative culture
adapts to the passing years and the seasons - in other words, it morphs itself to comply with the trends and the fads of the time.

for example, today on instagram, you can see these fads and ideas of the perfect wedding in the form of:

- mountain top couples/wedding moments