drawing for the heck of it.


i've started drawing just to friggin do something that releases me from the digital arts, and frees me to explore what's in the depths of my mind.


you know, i could just copy art i love i Pinterest :) either or.

sometimes my brain simply cannot conjure up anything of significance. it's like, in the pressure to create something, everything in my mind goes "POOF!"

so, here are my own versions of some sketches i found online :)

this, as you may rightly know, is a character from the charlie brown comic strip. this comic has always played a special place in my heart because, beyond its simple wisdom and endearingly adult-like characters, the author and artist Charles. M. Schulz (and his characters), are from St. Paul, Minnesota! the state's capitol, and near my home town :)

these two (above and below) are the same, as you can see, and are simply scans of one of the pages from my sketch book.

so, it features a compilation of different sketches i practiced, while browsing Pinterest.

i particularly enjoy this montage of work. it all seems connected somehow.

lastly, here is someone mowing the lawn. this is something i enjoyed SO MUCH but my parents rarely permitted me to do it (sexist much?!) it's ok. it was the 90s. they didn't mean anything by it!

but, someday, i will have a lawn to mow.

and ideally, it will be an environmentally friendly lawn-mower, and the yard won't be too large.

alright last but not least! i have some personal artwork for you.

this is anxiety as i interpreted it the other day while sitting down with my pencil as it felt like i was completely taken over and lost.

now, it's this.

alright, that's all today! ta ta for now!