#drawtober #inktober...where do i belong?does it really matter? i'm doing this for kicks.not trends.

my work is trendinggggg.


spider season in seattle

(didja know? it's spider season in the seattle area. means you'll find baby spiders crawling on your arm if you're sitting on the ground outdoors, or you'll come home to see a whole new group of webs formed outside your front door. it's true! they're everywhere. they aren't always beautiful (IRL) BUT, they serve a vital purpose in our ecosystems. so leave em be.)

and that's ok.

do i wish my work would "trend" online sometimes?

(this is a photograph of my eye taken by one of my bestest friendzz from high school. overlayed with some calligraphy doodles inspired by the drawtober prompts by @codibear. day two: (mush)shrooms.)


do i need it to find worth and value in my own art and creations?

turns out: NO!

turns out humans have been creating for CENTURIES LONG BEFORE THE INTERNET.

isn't that comforting to know?

in fact, i find my calligraphy work and doodles feel very connected to more ancient art - the simple and absolutely stunning lines and shapes we see petroglyphs in the American southwest created by the natives who once lovingly nurtured those lands.

(image source the national park service)

these ancient forms of communication and storytelling were UNIVERSAL.

and are to this day.

neat, huh?

okay, here's some of my art for drawtober/inktober!!

(yes our president is in the hospital with COVID, countless black and brown lives are in dire need of justice, and wildfires continue to pose health issues for innumerable communities on the west coast. drawtober feels silly and small compared to these massive truths. but it's also a way of self care. indulge in joy - for joy's sake. despite all the trauma that courses through the veins of this country - this country breaths. and must, breath. we must create our own moments of breathing. and peace.)

here is some of my peace (even though I am always always self critical and wish things had turned out better. i experienced JOY in making these. and someday, maybe, i won't just see all the imperfections. working on it.)

day one of @codibear's prompt was sweater.

i looked on Pinterest for inspiration. the piece above was my own interpretation of a piece by this artists' work - i love all of it.

certainly i have room to grow in my journey of calligraphy art/doodles/drawing (what should i call it?! lol.)

but i'm enjoying the quirky steps along the way.

and the quirky creations.which often come out of my skill limitations lol.


mark suggested (after I had had the thought individually - when you've been with someone for over ten years you tend to transfer thoughts telepathically) that i look at some stardew valley graphics for inspiration :) so i did.

because I LOVE ALL their different seasons and fall is one of my favorite!!

and the mushrooms that play a role in the narratives throughout the game :)

the mushrooms above came out in a way i really enjoy.

they kind of have a japanese art vibe (i grew up seeing japanese art all over my grandparents' home as they had close business partners and friends from japan and traveled there many times. perhaps this left its mark and is why i was so drawn to calligraphy?! ((bold inky lines)).

this one above was my favorite until Mark (my husband) SMUDGED it!!!

it's ok. it happens. and now he owes me more stardew valley game time :)

day three - BUGS.

incidentally, one of my nicknames growing up was bug.

mostly i was called baby and buck, bucko, buckeru.

but bug find its way in there.

as i mentioned, spider season is in full swing near seattle at the moment. fun!

well - i think that's all i'll share for now.

thanks as always for following along. it means the world!

stay safe and stay well.

and vote.