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engagement session throwback | jake & alley | the field at willy green's | washington

many many sunsets ago

these two got engaged

and i documented this time.

this session was tender and full of emotion. the close and intimate kind

as well as the silly and playful kind

don't you just love the shape of these two?

their love and connection is so damn clear to me. which is why photographing them was a breeze and an absolute pleasure.

jake and alley marveled in the small things around them - like this massive and oddly beautiful spider's web

my husband would have freaked out at the site of it.

these two look as if they are enjoying a captivating scene.

like i said before - the shapes that these two create together are so beautiful. dynamic. unique. and captivating for me, as a photographer, to capture.

hence the reason i'm going to bombard you with images from this session from ages ago (in internet world, at least. these are from 2018.) hey now, i'm still relevant and trendy af! ... you'll see! 😜

you witness so much ease in these images; i feel.

i could likely share and post these images for days. that how i feel about pretty much every session of mine. which is why it's so hard for me to just produce produce produce and move on so quickly all the time. sometimes i'd like to soak my own work in. soak in these photographs that i so lovingly created. for this loving pair.

often i struggle as a photographer/artist to feel good about my work on a consistent basis. i feel as if i am never good enough nor will i ever reach the standards i hold for myself (which is often elevated like crazy when i start comparing myself to others, like while using instagram)

so right now, i'm going to choose to love my work. not out of ego. but out of love for myself and the priceless moments the three of us shall not forget thanks to our collaborative documentation.

together, we made images that will bring them back to this moment in time.

and how do we expect to move forward without, sometimes, looking back?

just enough to recall:gratitude

and to help us recognize our own growth

ooo the one above is a favorite

don't these two just sparkle with life?

i believe so. greatly so.

the birds 😍 tiny and awesome

cozying up on the ground like a coupla cuties

this is the same location where these two would later get married. i will share those images in another post - which will be REASONABLY way longer since i have 8 + hours of images :)

kk tata. for now.


kristin abigail

now serving 2021-22 family and wedding clients in the seattle area

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