friday funday | calligraphy DOODLE DUMP

i create a heck ton of what i call calligraphy doodles.

sometimes, these doodles turn into bigger projects (like a collage).

sometimes, they remain as they are: doodles.

i'm learning: not everything i create must have the end product of perfection or permanence.

sometimes a doodle is a doodle, and art is just art.

it's not something to be sold or shared on social media for likes. it's art. and it serves, primarily, you. and your eyeballs.

so here's your doodle dump on this rainy (hallelujah!) friday. (if you hadn't heard, we had some disastrous wildfires on the west coast that led to hazardous air quality. thank goodness for the rain - maybe it's nature's way of saying "hey if you don't keep fucking up the planet, i may help you get out of this disaster."

but more on climate change later lol.


have you watched "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix?

if you have access to this service, I highly recommend giving it a watch.

it delves into the terrifying pit that is our tech industry. and the amount of world-changing power a handful of billionaires have.

so, i created this calligraphy doodle.

it's an iphone, and all you see are lies.

there is some truth but it's hard to see and you definitely don't spot it right away (unless you're vigilant, and thorough. and paying attention for more than five seconds which most of us don't these days."

this doodle was new for me - i attempted to create the landscape of a very special place. i usually stick to words and simple shapes.

but i'd like to continue expanding my mind and perception of my own art and what it could be - and i rather enjoy how this one turned out!

it's called

"la cidudad entre la montanas"

the city between the montains


so, i enjoy a good joint. and if you live in a legal state and are of legal age (hem hem), i'm sure you do too!

honestly, though. i love weed art. and i want to make more of it, because i appreciate this plant quite a bit.

it's helped me with mental health issues as well as physical pain and difficulty.

so this is my little ode to the stuff lol.

i always end up writing human-minded political statements.

like these ones.

honestly, politics to me, have always been a game and a show.

and clearly, politics are exactly that. just like our news outlets.

but political ISSUES. are human issues.

and we must all intervene when our fellow human beings are being oppressed and killed by their very own government and people.

none of us are excused from this fight against white supremacy and the anti-blackness which reigns in our culture.

if you are white, you are all the more responsible to ACT and be a part of this movement (which is long over due).

ok! rant over. for the time being lol.

here is another landscape - honestly, i had salto angel (angel's falls) in mind. but it didn't turn out looking quite like it lol. maybe i should start looking at photographs if i'm going to create actual places with my art?


so this one i suppose may just be called "the waterfall".

okay! last but not least I have some from my "inky body" series to share.

i'm kind of in love with the process of creating human body shapes - it feels liberating to create human forms in a way that remains

creatively fluid and abstract.

okay well that's all for now!

thanks as always for stopping by to connect with my work.

it means the world!

feel free to contact me regarding any photo video (or dare i say it, ART) projects you have cooking up!