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happy galentine's | collage & cocktail | a farewell party to our apartment

we are moving!!!!!

moving is a fucking hassle, obviously. but this is a positive move to a space i am just itching to make our own.

i knew that i wanted to throw ONE LAST hurrah at our current spot and so i made up the excuse to host my FIRST EVER galentine's day party!! it was amazing and i 1000% recommend all womxn partake in this tradition. in my opinion, far more exciting that valentine's day.. no offense my love! just too much pressure lol. and too much alcohol and chocolate usually for this stoner 😂

(the final collage pieces!!!!!!!)

alas, this event was a smashing success.

i kept it small, in order to keep my stress at bay.

i decorated our space and had a blast doing it over the course of a day or so. my sister and my friend brought makings of two different delicious cocktails and everyone brought a pair of scissors. it was divine!

i had a tight budget with this party - all in all i only spent about $18 on decor/collage supplies! for real!

(i DID splurge on wax flowers for another $20 - so total i spent about $38 on the party (( this was possible because i invited my friends and sister to partake in hosting through making drinks! that's a part of what made this a community-focused event)).

here's a breakdown of the decor/supplies i bought: (all from target)

collage supplies

glue sticks for $3

- i already had paper and magazine/art scraps available and i asked each person to bring their own pair of scissors.

this is the final collage created by my sister katie. i just love it - i told her it reminds me of her photography work. my sister anna lisa said it could be in the new york times. all are true.

this is a shot i took of my space the day after the party, actually. i just love seeing the remnants of a space after it has been partied in.

my sister anna behind my one-of-a-kind decor installations. made by me with a mix of the items i listed above. my guests think it could be a window display at anthropologie -- what do you think? 🤪

the collage process is beautiful, no?

i love this corner of our home. the furniture piece was my grandparent's - isn't it so beautiful and retro?

the record player is from amazon, the beautiful circle ceramic vase is by my friend jessica, the candle containers are anthropologie, and the shelf above is from goodwill. cute huh?

the piece of artwork is an original collage by me from years ago. i loved it so much i framed it and can't seem to sell it to anyone. it's mine. mine own....(lotr reference anyone? just did a marathon the other weekend.)

the bubbles were totally worth the $3 splurge.

i was so exhausted after decorating and cleaning my space i didn't take as many photos as i had wished. that's what people don't tell you - taking a well-balanced collection of GOOD photographs takes a lot of physical movement and mental capacity. it's an art. it requires focus and stamina!!!

i know my fellow photographers would concur.

doesn't that bubble on the right look like a heart?!?! 😍😍😍 just noticed that. as is tradition for me, i needed to get some trippy versions of the collage pieces. so i did that, and then i also added bubbles lol. it was so fun and messy.

this piece is by my friend laura. isn't that cut up photograph insanely cool? the layers, the shapes, the balance... divine.

a funky photo of our pieces together on my dining room wall.

collage process - my sister anna lisa said these were some of her favorite photographs and that it would make other people want to join in the fun. do you concur??? if you do, contact me!! or message via instagram.

my desire is to throw more of these events. this one was for me. it was for me and my friends and my sisters. it was a small affair and so comfortable and rejuvenating.

i also desire to throw an event like this for newer people in my life. i desire to create more community-based art events. this has been on my heart a lone while. i've seen other folks do it and there is so much good that comes from it. as i am an artist who runs her own business, my hope and intent is to charge for this events in the future. so as to support my business, my family, my life.

what i have to offer is a lot of art-based openness and love. i am a creator. a creator of art and of spaces. i create welcoming and loving vibes for the womxn and people in my life who need and desire it. i want to create a feel of home with you. may our homes flood out beyond our own walls. may our art flood onto the streets. one day, may you not walk a city block without seeing art.

we are all artists.

we are all artists.

we are all artists.

you are an artist.

this is what i have been saying for years and now i am returning to this mantra. i see in everyone i meet, an artist.

this piece is by my sister anna lisa - i just adore it. we all discussed how it resembles famous surrealist art. it feels ominous and beautiful at the same time.

more bubble fun.

this one is by my friend julie and to me it just screams "jules!". the lightness, the color, the inviting textures. the allusions to nature and things that are alive and moving. this is beautiful jules.

another by my sister anna lisa (her and i both made two pieces). i adore her combination of news/inky texts and pictures with fabrics along with pink and turquoise pops of color. it feels retro to me.

the above and below collages are mine. i like them. i'm learning to like most things i make. simply out of appreciating all that claims to be art. which to me, is almost anything and everything. "they are still lying." this to me means alot in this time. they being the establishment the man the capitalist overlord fucks. and yet, amidst these lies, we make art. we live. we create community. we love.

wow. thank you for reading along for supporting me and for believing, alongside me, in the art that transforms our world.

if you want to participate in events like this in the future, PLEASE contact me. in-person events will be offered locally (minneapolis, mn).



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