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Have you heard of collage? well, this is what it's all about; for me.

collage is about tapping into my past.

and, creating other worlds.

a curated world; embellished with choppy blends of color and texture; a layer of stories.

but mostly, if i'm really really really honest with myself, i'll see, that collage is;


would i like myself better in nicer weather? (turns out this is partly true haha)

playing, just like i did when i was 11, when paper and scissors were familiar and warm. when my fingers were nimble, and my instincts quick; unburdened.

i revisit these sensations in this art we call collage.

let's see where it leads me.

if you ever have questions about ANYTHING AT ALL. reach out, friends.

oh, and SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER! I started it last fall and have only sent out one so far, so you will not get inundated with content from me, I promise :) only the good stuff!

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