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holding holden - the bug in a rug

over the last several years as a photographer, I have ventured into the art of videography. it's been a slow journey, but a lovely one.

in particular, i am finding that i enjoy creating:

professional + artistic

home videos for families.

as a product of the 90s, i seek to emulate this feeling of nostalgia which was so present in our family documentation at that time. we used camcorders, and the quality was far worse than your average iPhone. but - it was raw and full of flavor.

so, with that i give to you, a sneak peek of this very special memory of my sweet sweet nephew.

the bug in a rug | holden alexander kopan


#femalefilmmaker #weddingvideographer #seattlevideographer #discoverunder5k #kristinabigail #seattlecreative

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