honoring my sister katie | a no-nonsense winter baby shower

my sister (and fellow artist/photographer), katie kopan, is having a baby in march -

in march! my first nephew from my family's side will be born!

this is quite a big deal, as i am one of five children - not only that, but i am the youngest of five children (at 28 years of age). my oldest sister, aimee, is 7 years older than i am (35).

katie (the one giving birth quite soon) is smack dab in the middle (the third of us five).

add in my brother, dan (second to oldest) and my sister anna lisa (18 months older than me) and you've got the groth kids clan!

so do you follow why the first babe to be born is an extra big deal? :) i thought so.

so, this very big event, brought us four sisters together. back to minneapolis we went, in order to celebrate this little soul joining our family. and in order to honor the woman who carries him. katie.

for this occasion - as with all our groth family occasions - we were careful to craft a meaningful and purposeful gathering. this is something katie specifically requested. and something which we all heartily could agree upon.

no nonsense.

no meaningless games.

no fluff - you know, that stuff which distracts us from our true purpose and the importance of the events at hand.

and so we gathered.

and it was cozy. and warm.

and i am so thankful that i took a few minutes out of the day to capture these images! it was not my number one priority, for sure, as i was trying to be present.

but looking at these gives me to much joy - and i know will bring us all back to this time for years to come <3

we can't wait to meet you, babe kopan!!

you already have so many people praying for you and loving you.