i finally have a sketch book. this is what i've been messing around with during this rainy december.

i finally found the perfect sketchbook. it's small-ish. simple. and inspires me to make art in bed.

art in bed? whoo!

what else could be better during quarantine?

i used a calligraphy style pen and a pencil for all of my sketches so far. i'll likely experiment with different tools as i learn more about what i like!

well if you know me, you know i love my pups. this is koivu man. he is a goberian (husky-golden retriever). he's three and a half years old and acts like he's one.

his eyes are haunting and beautiful at the same time. in these photos you see him in a polaroid i took at our old apartment. it was super sunny. and i loved the shadows and how insane his eyes looked. lol.

"pass joints not judgement" lol. i found that quote on pinterest.

the sketches above were also pinterest inspired ideas - which for whatever reason i was drawn to. it's funny how we are that way. personally, as an artist, my taste (or style) varies quite a bit day to day. there's a constant rhythm to my work of course. but i certainly change my mood a lot when it comes to my art. which is why it can be soooo darn difficult to be happy with my work.

i'm attempting to be happy with the now. to find joy in the present circumstance of my art.

because this season will serve its purpose - just as every season before it has.

are we not quite tragically layered as a human species?

well, yes we are also layered in beautiful ways - indeed.

but also in ways that divide and intertwine us. confuse us. layered in twisted ways that mix up our messaging until words come out meaningless.

which is why i've come to believe in art and the expression of our hearts beyond words. words words words. they fill up our minds and make us think we ought to be smart because of it.

"it seems to be wildly windy"

it indeed has been windy in the seattle area the past few days. i can't strictly speak on yesterday or today because i hardly left my home/car! it's soooo cold. pnw cold. which means it's wet. windy. and uninviting. lol. stay inside. make a fire.

drink some coffee. and smoke some weeeed.

and "dream when you're feeling blue"

"dream that's the thing to do - just watch the smoke rings rise in the air, you'll find your share of memories there."

(who originally wrote this song? i know the ella fitzgerald recording and frank sinatra version).

i've shied away for the most part in attempting to draw human forms in my art. i've just not touched it. i've said to myself "you cannot do that. you're not good at it."

and then i just started to try it. and try it. and keep trying. and i find that i enjoy it. and i find that i don't really care if what i make seems "good enough" according to this or that standard.

i'm finding that what i make is pleasing to me.

so isn't that enough?

you best your ass it is!

"fill me up" is a surrealist piece (i think?) well. i'm deciding it is.

i wanted the idea to be "fill up the bookcase" and "fill up my mind". see the parallels i drew there? lol. sometimes art seems sooo deep and complicated. a lot of times it doesn't have to be!

"you're my world"

have you ever heard me mention the importance of doodling?

well here i go again.


doodle. doodle. doodle.

it doesn't matter a whole lot what you make (or how it looks). i think the act of doodling/drawing can release the hidden corners of our minds. our whimsical sides. our uninhibited sides.

"ancient technology - the paper and pencil"

well, true to form, i wanted to try and use some of these sketches in a digital collage of some sort. here's something i came up with.

"enfocarme" (to focus) is a sketch that kinda just happened. i'm stoked with how it turned out. and thankful for moments like this where one feels the fluidity of art.

so the sketch above became the collage below once i removed most of the background and layered it on top of a self portrait from 2018 (?). this was the day i chopped of my hair for the first time! it was a fun feeling i'm tempted to do again. simply cus my hair annoys me and i don't like wearing scrunchies/hair ties.

well i'm off to bed! i tend to write my blog posts late at night. and then once i'm finished i'm ready to hit the flipping hay.

thanks as always for joining me on my ventures. it means the world and the moon that you're here.

inquiries? collabs? questions?