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kate and postyn's nuptials on lake washington

hi there. i like to start my posts out which a little "me" moment. so here we go.

these days, i spend so much time committed to creating content for Instagram and Pinterest Stories.

you know, the vertical style storytelling we have all gotten SO used to because of our phones.

isn't that nuts.

it's nearly wiped out horizontal forms of sharing imagery/video. for now. and in most capacities.

for my part, i love love nice horizontal shots. but, as many photographers are doing, i have started to focus more on vertical oriented images in order to share my work effectively on social media platforms. i actually enjoy the challenge, since i am so regularly inclined to make horizontal imagery.

for those of you using your phones to view my website, YOU'RE WELCOME. and the truth i must accept already, is that many many many people do. which is why i am sharing some of my instagram stories which document kate and postyn's HOT AND TEARY, LOVE-FILLED day. (not necessarily in that order).

the day started off real quiet.

with just postyn and kate at their home, which they LITERALLY BUILT with their own two hands.

well, there was in fact a house structure in place, BUT, it was in a ruinous state. and so, they made it into a home. and as a (lucky ass) friend of these two, i was able to witness the transformation. and damn transform it they did; into a little haven just a short walk to lake washington in colombia city.

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