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kristin abigail | behinds the scenes of logo/marketing development


lucky you. you get a behind the scenes look into the development of my brand!

since my budget is pretty tight, i am attempting to explore what my brand is (what this means for me primarily is: what do i want to be communicating to my potential clients about my business?) by utilizing my own photographs and calligraphy skillzzz (which are not too shabby but also pretty mediocre!)

But! I've been using my imagination to make my imperfections work for me! And it's been a blast.

this image was a happy accident. well, shall we say, it was a planned accident. and it turned out even more exciting than i had hoped!

i tend to obsess over ONE image for a while. or one sequence of one image. or one image in various tones or colors (like the one above).

it's no surprise that andy warhol is an inspiration for this kind of artwork. and why the heck not!

color! shape! repetition!


it's all i need. stay tuned on my VIDEO featuring this baby (as in brand new) design :)


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