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latest collage experiments!


i've not posted in some time. mostly because blog posting feels daunting but it's not so bad once you get into the swing of it and let it all flow out like a riverrr.

last night i stayed up till 2am (lockdown friday night immaright?) doing collage work in bed.

i have been focusing for some time on handmade collage but got so dang tired of it (i do that. i tire of things. and need a change.)

so i messed around with some old images and art work to create digital collages.

check em out!

this piece was fun as it came together quite slowly.

it started out as something else entirely and then i accidentally ripped it!

so i covered up my mistake with something new. i'm glad i did.

the background is a magazine photo of a model flipped sideways. then i added some blobby color paper pieces, an old drawing i made (based of an idea on Pinterest), my calligraphy work "we wait IN HOPE", and a calligraphy doodle i made, which was inspired by thinking on my grandmother's backyard in minnesota. she had a clothing line. and it felt so special - i added the text "love wins" to communicate my solidarity with lgbtq identifying folx and our black brown and indigenous neighbors in this country. love wins, i do believe.

this piece is fun. i feel like it reflects my vintage style quite well. ask any of my friends growing up - i enjoyed clothing and experimenting with different looks. i painted my nails black in 8th grade (and got bullied for it). and when i went off to college, basically all my furniture was second hand, and in a vintage style. one of my friends last year, when visiting mine and mark's apartment, commented that my place reminded them of their grandma's. some may take this as an insult - but her grandma was an artist. and so i thought that was pretty rad.

anyways. i love love vintage style. and am obssessed with learning about history.

the background of this piece is a watercolor by me, then i added some blocky color paper pieces, and magazine clipping (handmade).

how are you feeling these days?

honestly - what a loaded question.

"fine" seems to suffice today. but it's simplifying things quite a bit. in any case, i give you this piece "fine".

this is a handmade paper collage topped with one of my fashion calligraphy doodles (i used to LOVE drawing shoes and clothing. i wanna do more of this. STAY STUNED.)

the "fine" is pasted on from a magazine. i like how this one turned out! whooo.

a is for art. this one is pretty simple. the background is my watercolor painting and it's topped with one of my calligraphy doodles. i think it's cute and looks like something that could hang in a babe's room!

"why don'cha meet me in the forest"

this one is kind of weird! right? but isn't that good? i hesitate to be weird sometimes with my art because i feel like i have to be trendy. why?????

i don't know. well i do - but it's still hard to remember that being trendy is boring and tiring.

this handmade paper collage piece is a combination of my watercolor painting (the background) and my calligraphy doodling words (see "joy" there at top?)

this has to be my favorite - simply because of all the pink. and the fact that this image is from a session where i had a tech failure and lost all of them! except for a few precious ones including this here. i cropped this pretty human out of her environment (it was freezing af and snowing) and digitally pasted her atop of my collage work and a blurry photo of my feet on the ground here on cougar mountain in summer.

picasso's work is endlessly inspiring - so i emulated it here along with his words.

i hope you enjoyed!

this digital collage is something i made last night - for whatever reason it kind of creeps me out!! lol!! this is jamie, my friend and gorgeous human. i just love the way her body is in this image. most of our images on instagram etc are SOOOO posed and perfect. this one is obviously jamie heading into a pose, but not quite getting there. dare i say it even looks a little awkward? but i love awkward. i'm awkward. and awkwardness is so much more a part of our humanness than perfection is. don't you think?

the background of this collage is a photograph of one of my handmade collage pieces (lol). so you see my calligraphy and watercolor painting. then i pasted my friend jamie in the foreground. as well as some extra watercolor doodles!

this one is a simple digital collage - i layered this cropped image of my wedding day clip on earrings (yes!) photographed by redmond digital media, atop of an image of my grandma's scarf (which i took this morning.) i love how it turned out combined! vintage! right?

ok that's all for now! thanks for stopping by :)


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please and thank you

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