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luxury for one | the messy tablescape | a sexy january collab with lauren and laura | mpls, mn

it's january in the twin cities.

this is lauren (@laureanderso) - cocreator, photographer, model, and vision realizer.

already this winter it's been frigid cold (think below zero for over a week straight).

(this is me - photo by lauren 😍😍😍)

(this is our fellow stunning and chill af model, and my dear friend, laura)

more lately, we've experienced shitty air quality in mpls and then thawing temperatures which left most walkways near you slick with black ice - very unsafe for most groups of people (including a mama like myself attempting to walk. both her 16 month old and 5 year old husky mix who, let me tell you, is a puller (like most sled dogs).

the sun sets at 5pm.

snowbanks pile high up to your knees in some areas. roadways and driveways are caked in layers upon layers of icy flakes, by now resembling a more grey than white due to city pollution/debris.

driving is hazardous on most days, though locals won't want to admit to it.

(me at a hotel on nicollet island last week)

"why do people complain so much about the snowstorms?!" they say.

they shake their head, ashamed of their own kind, struggling in the snow.

but what they don't mention are the record number of car crashes that take place during your average minnesotan winter.

road slick with ice - or draped in a coat of fresh blizzarding snow - is fucking dangerous!

especially when you're overconfident and drive at 30+ mph.


this is all to say -

minnesotan winters are. fucking. hard.


getting together with these two beauties to make something infused me with a genuine burst of juicy creative energy.

an end-of-the-night shot of the messy tablescape.

lauren's capture of me posing to read - i'm a big reader and i loved this book my sister lent to me - "Little Women". A copy she purchased in the home town of the author!

the tablescape prior to messy-ing it. lauren flowered that cheese up on that plate and i am obssessed.

a sideways shot of laura and a candle and a rose. simply of my faves from this session.

this photo collection is: "luxury for one" .

a photo & design collaboration between lauren and i with the participation of my friend laura. we all ended up modeling. we all tenderly sipped on rosé. lauren and i shared a joint between takes.

(i asked laura to look a lil drunk and she did a good job lol!)

we rearranged my sister's entire gorgeous apartment in order to create this "luxurious night for one."

the idea behind this shoot was not to impress upon you the luxury of money - but the luxury of loving yourself enough to create luxurious moments.

these photos are a visual representation of a woman

enjoying herself -

engaging in luxury -

for her own purposes and pleasure.

this collection feels special to me. it feels raw, vintage, and alive with female energy. yesss female energy give me more of it!!

i mean come on!! look at these women!!

lauren just whipped out this incredible green dress with flowers after setting up the space and photographing laura for 45+ mins. and she just slayyyyyyyed.

lauren and i were talking about how it felt like we were creating and photographing a play.

and when i see these images - i agree. it feels intimate - it feels like you were there. and yet it feels luxurious af!

look at those gorgeous tones!! it's been such a cold, snowy, grey winter lately. this lightens up my mood so much.


i adore the classic sexiness of laura's look - timeless in her green silk with golden jewelry detailing. hat slip is everything!!

both laura and lauren ended up bringing along literally the perfect green silk dresses. i mean LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY.

i mean how do you make sipping rose from a bottle look so sexy!!

straight out of a hollywood movie, eh??

those textures! oh my!

pro tip - trippy is always better.

look at this goddess!!

look at that pristine design thank you to lauren's collaboration and genius!

cheers! we had one hell of a night!


i can't believe how much fun this was. you will be seeing more from lauren and i!! and i literally can't wait to see what we come up with.

i did not expect to walk away with SO many images that just blow me away. the other fun tidbit about this collection is it was my first time really enjoying and utilizing my camera flash! the sun was getting super low and the light just went away. i was annoyed then remembered i had intended on doing flash photography anyways! and it was 100% worth it. it's what lent to all these dreamy hazy vibes.

use slow shutter speed and you're gonna be able to play around with the light sources (like the candles in the above images and others like it).

these actually feel like paintings to me.

oo this one for sure!

did you love this and much as i did?? hit me up for collabs and photo inquiries!

i am silly and low key and thrilled to create weird and gorgeous photos with you!

lauren - i am OBSSESSED with these images you took of me. thank you. i feel SEEN.

i'm the only mama of the group and suffice to say i didn't really come prepared with a good dress option - and i'm just more of a jeans gal!! so i threw on my sister's shirt and exposed some sexy back.

i feel the tones in this top really worked well with the greens and blues already in our setup.

gosh how magicallllll.

i'm sexy and i know itt

thank you for being here!! reach out, friends.


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