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mary jon and warren | family celebrates breastfeeding on lewis creek hilltop of cougar mountain

i had a dream about these three. it took place in minnesota, on a frigid winter night.

m, j + w were traversing a rushing creek which wound its way through my childhood home's back yard. minneahaha was its name. and on a frigid winter evening in the midwest - you can bet the water would be frozen. but in this universe, it was not.

they were holding hands, as they crossed to the wood on the other side. warren was in mary's arms.

i called out asking if they needed anything - coats perhaps?

they responded, "no! we're good." and continued on their way.

jon and mary are from california.

and on this colder-than-usual autumn evening in seattle, it certainly felt frigid for these west coast birds.

but, what do they decide to celebrate on the windy hilltop on this night? they celebrate the glory and blessing of breastfeeding.


mary and warren recently overcame some complications together and are now feeding happily <3 oh joy to motherhood. and parenthood. and family. and all your loves.

and may this be a friendly reminder for all to cross that frigid creek.


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