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modern moody bride "on shrooms" 3 year late video

three years ago, my sister and i collaborated for the first time on a styled shoot.

it was pretty damn awesome. of course, we both stressed out and fought a bit because of that...and we wondered if we could actually pull it off as we were imagining.

modern moody bride

we had gathered together this ridiculously cool group of female artists - asking them to donate their time and gifts to make something with us. and they said yes!

at the time, i was really focused on learning and growing in my photography. but i was *intending* to create a fun video as well.

unfortunately, my footage from this day is lost. fortunately! i had a friend and fellow female videographer come by :) so here is my 3 year late video of the modern moody bride "on shrooms"

p.s. no one was on shrooms during the shooting or making of these images or video. :)

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