Preserve Your Sweetest Memories | Hire Me to Digitalize Your Family Home Videos! (Tape degrades!)

Tape degrades, people!

In my haste to rescue my family's memories (I'm the youngest of FIVE y'all), I ordered (!!) my dad to send the loads of tapes we had sitting in a storage room somewhere in Minneapolis alllll the way to Seattle.

So I could digitalize them. And save them from degradation and complete loss!

No one else was going to do it!

And if we were to go somewhere like Costco, it's estimated at around $15-$20 a tape - crazy!

We have over 100 tapes easy. (Remember, youngest of five children here...) So we'd literally be spending $2000 just to save these babies.

I'm offering better rates, and you're supporting a small business :)

Email me for details!