taylor and parker | love in the desert | a red rocks love story by yours truly


if you follow my work, then you know i was in colorado this past september to photograph and film my dear friends and engaged humans taylor and parker!

it was a well needed work + pleasure trip during the pandemic (something to look forward to).

it also came at an INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT time in Seattle. I left for this trip during the forest fires which were absolutely devastating our air quality in the PNW and California.

I lived through six days of it and let me tell you - that was enough.

I'm not sure if my sanity could have taken any more.

THANK GOODNESS for COLORADO and the LOVE that brought mark and i there!

taylor and parker, i'm referring to YOUR love.

i've known taylor since sophomore year of college (i believe?).

we were both involved in environmental groups on campus and took a number of classes together which focused on environmental + social issues.

our shared passion for the earth and the people who live on it was an immediate connecting point in our relationship. and is sustained to this very day (nine years later!)

when she and parker reached out about hiring me to document their love i was over the moon honored. i respect them both so much and am beyond honored to walk in this journey with these two.

i'm kind of a weird photographer in that i don't focus on the money shots.

i focus almost singularly on what's in front of me -- that's you (my beautiful clients/subjects), and our surroundings.

i'm not usually thinking - oh how can i make it super obvious we're in one of the most famous parks in the country (red rocks park and amphitheater)?

i'm not usually thinking - what's the most epic shot i can create in this space?

no, i'm usually looking at you two, your tones (skin, hair and clothing). and examining the spaces around me where i feel you'd really fit in - like a glove.

i'm looking for light. and texture.

and your story.

i'm always always.

looking for your story.