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thoughtfulness on instagram | practicing mindfulness and creating intentional content

Part 1: Practicing Mindfulness

What do I mean by using social media thoughtfully?

  • I’m NOT talking to those seeking to increase their follower count or traffic.

  • Anyone looking to:

PART 1: Be more mindful as they’re spending time on this app,(setting more boundaries, and limiting binge scrolling, basically managing our mental health)

PART 2: Be more intentional on what content they share and how they share it (aesthetics ((what makes good looking content?), attitude, authenticity, and yes, again, personal boundaries)

Can we use social media thoughtfully?

  • YES. but it takes A LOT of mindfulness practice

What does practicing M I N D F U L N E S S on social media look like?

  1. Creating boundaries

  1. Go on an unfollowing binge (You don’t need to take in things that aren’t serving you!!!!)

  1. Time limits

  2. On my long days, i spend almost two hours on instagram

  3. On my short days, i spend as little as 15 minutes

extra note: consciously choose WHO’S stories you catch up on. i can understand how it would be easy to keep tapping and tapping and tapping. If you choose individuals’ stories and keep doing it, instagram will keep those at the top every time. We don’t need to know what everyone is up to today! Spend some time in your own world.

  1. Creating Barriers to your phone

  1. If you don’t NEED your phone on you at ALL times (most of us don’t) - then DON’T HAVE IT ON YOU.

  2. Store phone in a drawer (out of sight out of mind). Maybe that’s where it lives in your home and you have to get it if you want to use it.

  3. If you struggle with browsing social media right before bed, leave the phone in the living room at night and get yourself a good ole alarm clock.

  4. Spend time ELIMINATING as MANY notifications as you can. YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE EXACT SECOND SOMEONE NEW LIKES YOUR PHOTO ON INSTAGRAM. Head to the settings, notifications, and TURN THAT SHIT OFF.

  5. Go into settings and set time limitations for any and all apps (will lock you out, will have to use a password to get back in)

when we reengage with ourselves offline, we shed some of our worries. you know, the worries that start every time you look at your phone and think about the thousands of (unhealthy) distractions it offers you.



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