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val and kaylin peruse the trees and flowers at volunteer park in autumn <3

what a lovely time the three of us had at volunteer park earlier this autumn when the colorful leaves were still in abundance!

as i was driving to my destination i spotted this group of trees and knew i wanted to snag some photos of val and kaylin in this spot.

the tones did not disappoint!

and gosh how adorable is this sweet couple? <3

they came prepared with an umbrella (cus yeah it's been rainy as heck this fall, amiright?).

and so we decided to have fun with it! mary poppins style.

how dreamy are these tones?

i truly enjoy incorporating accessories that allow us to play around with the imagery. if a couples session doesn't include some play, then it's just not quite complete!

speaking of play - i'm always trying to incorporate a sense of play in the work that i create with you as a client.

i want to highlight/explore:

- emotion
- body language
- textures (in clothing or nature)
- variations in light
- movement
- connection

you and your partner have a story to tell.

the ways you interact, touch, and look at one another give me cues on how to photograph you.

for many couples, a sense of ease comes out most when i allow you two to focus more on one another than me (as the photographer who's holding a huge lens in your face!)

we chat a lot throughout the session (i am a curious cat who has a million questions about who you are and the shape of your story with your love!)

and usually, quite quickly, we get comfortable as we explore our surroundings in a surprisingly casual way - because we all just humans, after all. and all i'd really like to capture is the beauty of your humanity.

i'm not interested in creating an image you've seen before - that is to say - i don't want to "recreate" other images. i'd rather capture you as you are, in the time and space that you are currently inhabiting. does that make sense?

my photography truly aims to capture the moment the the truest, rawest sense of the phrase.

i also love focusing on imagery that gives us all a sense of place - where are we? how does it feel/look? what are the tones around us? the vibes?

on this day, the three of us were at volunteer park in seattle washington right near the conservatory. it's likely one of my favorite spots in the city.

first we took some images outside of the building

there were some birds chilling on top of the conservatory roof so i told val and kaylin to check them out, leading to this gorgeous series of moments.

the haziness from the heated conservatory gave us so much fun light to play with! let's (virtually) head inside!

oh wait - first i wanted to show you the pretty little details of val's look for our session :)

she had a tear in her tights that i just had to get on camera. can you say adorable seattle chic with the teeniest hint of grunge? <3 <3 ! girl killed it.

i know we're all missing these gorgeous fall tones. the rain washed much of it away, sadly!!

well, at least we have the memory preserved in these photographs ;)

yellow nine west purse! chic af!

these two black and white images are a few of my favorites from this collection - the shape of these two and their care for one another was soo effortless to capture. you can just tell by these images. the way v + k interact and relate to one another is full of familiarity, playfulness, and that magic word i love - connection.

ok let's head inside the conservatory! looks like a little piece of heaven to me.

first, some flower shots to soften your pallet!

can we all live inside little plant homes like this building? i would if i could. just to wake up every day to these colors, textures...these leafy parcels of life.

this is val obeying mask policies for covid. once we got to a spot with no other humans i asked them to lose their masks just for a few shots in this plant paradise before saying ciao for now.

i love val's pursed lips in the photo below - as well as the blurry plant leaf in the foreground <3

but actually, what's NOT to love about this session with these two?

i enjoyed every moment of capturing this time together. and being a part of documenting val and kaylin's story.

cuties!!!!!!! amiright???

yes, i'm right.

this session felt magical for many reasons.

and i am grateful to have created these images on this day with these two lovely people! thank you for trusting me with your time and story!!

that's all i have for you today! thank you, as always, for encouraging and supporting my work. it means the world to me!!


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