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vogts vote and then take photos in the last light of the cloudy autumn day

vogts vote.

while holding close the knowledge that our options are too little, and each seem ill equipped to take on the real work of this country. that's why we vote Trump out today. and continue to dole out justice where it's due. today. tomorrow. for the rest of our days.

no matter what happens with the elections in november, i'm ready. to keep attempting to cut through all the bullshit and seek out the beauty in humanity that lives all around me.

to continue fostering community with folks who lived outside of my white bubble. the one that kept me safe and warm, and ignorant. dulling my senses to the racism that lived and breathed in every corner. i am no longer interested in being a complacent, quiet, go-with-the-flow, TOXICALLY POSITIVE white woman, who continues to benefit from white supremacist action and ideology.

i am interested in being a woman that fights.


then, keep using your power. your voice. your platform. your role in your community to ignite connection, truth, and the fostering of HUMANITY in our professional, social, political, spiritual, etc. spaces.

every human life - black brown indigenous hispanic asian - every human life is sacred.

our president and our police enforcements disagree.

and so i can not morally stand with them.

and i never will.



white silence is most certainly violence.


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