why i love family photography - and some photos of my 8 week old babe: jakki :)

hallooo humans.

it has been some time since i've had the time/energy/motivation to post. why? because i birthed a tiny human 8 weeks ago and am recovering from my c-section + managing all the various changes and difficulties one faces in postpartum life.

my fellow mamas know what i'm talking about!

this week was my husband's 30th birthday! we woke up slow, had banana pancakes topped with powdered sugar, sprinkles and candles, and just hung out as a family in this rainy af corner of the country near seattle. it was lovely.

oh and did i mention the impromptu baby shoot?

this is jakki. she's rad - like her dad.

jakki is just over 8 weeks old and she is cooing (baby talking) like CRAZY. it's adorable and makes me so stoked to hear her voice speak words for the first time. i just can. not. WAIT to hear what she has to say about the world around her. i want to know it all. oh, and she is also insanely loud - like her mama. when she's happy, and sad.

i promised i'd talk about WHY i love family photography.

well, here goes.

i love family photography because these sessions contain so much: