5x7 collage

original water color painting and calligraphy on textured white paper with cardboard backing 

(this is the only piece in this series with a cardboard backing).


no big story behind this collage. i had been messing around with creating what i'm calling "inky bodies". i collected a fair number of them and decided to incorporated them into other pieces. last weekend as i created watercolor patterns on paper i felt drawn to creating a collage layered with these elements.


this is an original and hand-made piece which means there will be minor human flaws. i like to think of them as a part of the art works' story. 



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kristin abigail

art of humanity

i love my inky body | original collage by kristin abigail

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  • 5x7 original art collage 

    watercolor and calligraphy ink on textured white paper with cardboard backing.

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