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my name is kristin (she/her), the lead photographer and videographer behind kristin abigail - i sincerely thank you for stopping by!

i serve clients of all colors, beliefs and backgrounds, in and around the the twin cities region in minnesota, with a focus on documentary family and creative women's  portraiture, as well as boudoir imagery services.

as of october 2023, i am no longer booking weddings. this is a bittersweet shift in my business, but i believe whole heartedly it will lead to a more abundant and fruitful season; not only professionally, but personally. i am deeply grateful to every
individual who has invited me into their wedding days. it has truly been a gift to witness your stories.

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in my family portraiture, i focus on capturing the down-to-earth connections between you and yours: the kind of connection that can't be planned or posed. my sessions move at an organic pace, and as a mother myself, i am always open to working with all and any emotions that may arise during our session. sometimes this means pouty little ones - and that's ok! that's life! let's document the beauty of what is, and not endeavor to create forced moments of smiles.

in my women's portraiture work (or with individuals who are female-identifying) i focus once again on the organic elements of your personhood - i prioritize client comfort, and feelings of safety. i work alongside you to create in an environment that emboldens you; and through collaboration, we make images that are raw, honest, and artistic. 

every. single. photo and video collection i create is entirely unique to you and your story.

my partner + husband mark and i moved back to minneapolis from seattle in the spring of 2022, along with our sweet babes; jakki (our actual baby) and koivu (our pupper baby).

it's been a wild ride as we return after 5 years in the pnw. we sorely miss the community we left but are endlessly thankful to the one we have returned to. 

thank you for supporting us as we make the midwest home again!


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