2020 wedding film collections


kristin & mark

i've had a difficult time describing my films to people - because i don't quite feel like they fit into a category. the best i can do, is give you some words, and some examples. 

today, i responded to an email inquiry, and feel like it sums it up well.

I do not ask much of my couples on their day. I delight in capturing the small moments that may go unnoticed, and tend to sneak around in the background, with the exception of capturing a few rare + special moments of just the two of you!

I grew up in the 90s, so home videos are my source to many forgotten memories. They're cozy, and real, and intimate. And this, I feel, is exactly what a wedding video should be.  Reminds us that we're human!

This year, my husband joined the business as a drone pilot, so we also DO get some of those big exciting shots :) We shot our first wedding together on Vashon Island in March, and it was fantastic.