my name is kristin, the lead photographer and videographer behind kristin abigail - i sincerely thank you for stopping by to view my work!

i serve clients of all colors, beliefs and backgrounds, in and around the pnw region (based in bellevue, washington).

in 2018, mark, my husband of four years - and partner of 10!!! - joined the business as my second videographer. he is an engineer by trade, and an amazingly artistic drone flying man on the weekends.

we focus on capturing the down-to-earth + laid back connections between you and yours.
every. single. photo and video collection i create is  professional, raw, artistic, and unique to your story.

mark and i moved to seattle from minneapolis in the fall of 2017.
every day in this part of the country feels more and more like home - like we were destined to live here forever, beneath the rain and evergreens. 

we're passionate about the people in this community and endlessly searching to shoot in a way that represents who you are down to your very core.




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