chloe & patsy celebrated their day beneath the trees of vashon island, with only their closest family and friends to witness.

these two, and the people that surrounded them this day, are exactly why we (mark and i) are in this line of work.

marriage was not in the plan for chloe and patsy. but that changed. and when it did, their loved ones rallied around them to make it happen.

to love is to be brave and vulnerable at the same time.

so thank you, to these two and their community. for reminding us to be brave, too.

p.s. this is ALSO the first wedding film mark and i shot together! and it features the first shots he ever took for my business with his drone! I think he did a fantastic job.

Nothing matters more to me than your health.

Which is why, in this uncertain season, I will be offering socially distant wedding and family photography/video services.

What does this look like?

This looks like 6ft apart at all times.

This looks like me (as the photographer) wearing a mask at all times.

It looks like you (as the client), not needing to wear masks, but only if we are *outdoors*.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer services in private residences or homes! But am open to working with you in your neighborhood, your backyard, etc.


As for weddings, you ask? What would that look like?

Well, just check out my next blog post about Maria and Ash's socially distant wedding at Kerry Park in Seattle last month!!

It was maybe the best wedding ever. 45 minutes. A champagne pop. The groom chugged it. Closest friends only. The bride wore red.

So much love.

Until next time,

Planning a wedding or dying to get a socially distant family shoot scheduled?

contact me!

Part two.

So, it turns out you’re white.

Now what?


This is the question I faced over the course of the year at my new job.

I’m white.

And whiteness means a lot of things I didn’t understand up until now.

Now what?


I’m not going to pretend for a minute like I didn’t (or don’t) feel bad for myself as I struggle with this question.

Because, at the core of it, it is a question of identity.

How do I understand and communicate my identity to the world when the very source of my identity is so rooted in American protestant whiteness? And going further back, Scandinavian protestant whiteness?

How do I hold all these truths at the same time?
I am white and privileged
I want to be anti-racist
I am racist


Holding all these truths, however contradictory they appear, is possible.

Just as all things are possible.
Very truly I tell you, I see humans as the greatest masters and representatives of contradiction.


We, none of us, exists in a state of pure truth.

We, all of us, contradict ourselves daily.

We, all of us, can be vehicles for painful, revealing, growth.

Think more on your entrance into this life - your bloody, messy, traumatically painful entrance. Your mothers screaming. Your screaming. All the voices and energy in the room. The build-up of excruciating pain and torment…

And then, there is the arrival. The handing off of the child to their mother.

The instant love and connection.

Followed by (we all hope) a lifetime of love - hard, heart-wrenching, complicated, incongruent, over-the-moon, inexhaustible, unconditional;


Do you think that’s the start of a life that was meant to be simple?

The start of a life destined solely for comfort and self satisfaction?
Or, like our entrance, is our life made to be toiled with the pain of growth… in the name of love?


As always, I invite you to engage!

Comment, email me, whatever!

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