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An ode to a soon-to-be old camera

Last week when my spouse was out of town, I decided to bite the bullet already and sell my camera equipment so I could switch it out for something different.

I've been wanting to switch it up for a minute - and am so eager to get my new tool!

circa 2017 this is also my oldest and dearest friend, Anna

Here is an ode to a camera (gifted to me by my husband) that got me through a whopping 8 years of running a photography business. HOLY COW.

also 2017 i believe from crashing a senior photo session

That's a legacy right there. And I am 100% ready to move on.

That being said. I cannot believe how many beautiful memories have been captured because of my handling of and learning about this camera - wielding it as the artistic tool it is.

circa 2017, an in-home lifestyle session

circa 2017, creative collab with my talented friend Bright

also 2017 also collab with Bright!
creative collab with other amazing artist friend Susie

eek idk when maybe 2017, also another dear friend/bestie but from college, Laura! Lots of supportive friends permitted me to get them in front of my lens for practice. TY.

photograph of my sister katie in 2017 at a fave beach in mpls

a creative collab I was invited into with local mpls yogi and photog

this is another one of my dearest friends, Kelsey!

circa 2017 this is my second cousin, dancer performer actress, Dori! Loved photographing a session like this

the infamous Bright, this may have been my favorite collab ever circa 2017

creative collab circa 2017 again, this is a beautiful friend I made through my sister, Danielle! I got to know her more in Seattle some, though this session was in minneapolis before we both moved out there

flooded lake in wisconsin: another image of my friend laura!! this one may have been 2018

i absolutely love self portraits with reflections. I could take them all day

a creative collab with my sister's friend!

this was so fun. omg I remember forgetting an SD card and having to drive in a snow storm lol thankfully we didn't live THAT far but in a snow storm.. it felt far!!

portrait series taken of me by my spouse mark in 2018

image of rainer, 2018 can't recall where exactly i was here

family photo session with the sweetest crew

also near rainier

on a drive to go camping in the pnw, 2018

i'm having way too much fun going down memory lane. It's past 10pm which means as a stay at home mama of a 2.5 yr old, it's PAST MY BEDTIME.

I will share a bit more then off to bed with you.

koi, our sweet husky-golden pups, running through a snowstorm at sunset in seattle 2019

a creative collab with my dear friend Lareesa who you will be seeing more in my next blog post as I move more into 2018-2020

a favorite double exposure from rainier national park

a slow-shutter-speed moon portrait from our porch in queen anne, 2018

from a creative collab in 2017

from a snow-day in seattle, 2019

did you have as much fun as I did going down memory lane with this camera!

I mail her out tomorrow, wow. Goodbye canon mark d iii. I've loved you. already said goodbye to my prime 35mm sigma art lens. ACK. All the feelings.

Ok, goodnight.


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