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this year's movement-filled fall minis: peruse images from these studio sessions in uptown, mpls

move ment


this is how i have heard my photo work described in various contexts, often from mentors in my life.

this, is a high compliment for me, as movement is 80-90% where my focus lies when guiding the lens of my camera.

i am hyper focused on the shapes, gestures and expressions that emerge from your act(s) of movement. i want to create an image that evokes the feeling of a moment in time with you, in your entire personhood. i prefer to include many images in our collections together that do not include fake smiles plastered on our faces just cus that's what we're "supposed" to look in photos.

i want you to recall how your babe's eyes looked when welled up with puddles of salty tears.

i hope you can remember the weight of your daughter's hair in your hands as you fussed with it before our photo session.

i want you to laugh out loud at images we make together. i want you to cringe at silly faces made and smile to yourself cus you know you're sexy. and i want tears to well up in your eyes as you see yourself witnessed.

I'd like you to see what i see when i look at you and when i photograph you.

i see:

a beautifully orchestrated dance.

i see an indivudal who deserves to be witnessed without manipulation - that is too say without too much intervention by me as the photographer. this lack of intervention/posing, permits a space for you as the subject, to flex things out, and ease into a rythme of moving that honors you: your body, your feelings, your vibes.

oh how i love to capture you moving!

when we create the space required to inhabit our surroundings with our full-selves, we can fall into a comfortable way of being. our shoulders loosen up, our jaws unclench, our eyebrows relax...

and it's like i'm not even there, right in front of you, sticking a camera in your face.

oh, and as far as design goes, i'm a sucker for patterns!! so i was thrilled to find this perfectly gorgeous floral chair at the studio space i rented for these minis. julian is such a fricken cutie using it for stability is he not?? too dear!!

it goes without saying that angie and gigi are complete bad asses. beyoncé's song ALIEN SUPERSTAR comes to mind: "category: bad bitch" when look at these images.

tell me i'm wrong! ok, i'm going to share the last set of mini photos in a separate blog post since it's a couple without a young kiddo and has a different vibe!

thank you, as ever, for tuning in with me and my work.


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