happy self-love day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello! and happy day of loving yourself. and in turn, loving others.(aka happy valentines day :)

a few weeks ago, my friend valerie and i, anticipating the day of valentine, decided to put together a creative shoot highlighting SELF LOVE.

i've started out sharing some of my more abstract images - which i ALWAYS love best. no joke. blurry light. confusing compositions. strange facial emotions. they make me wonder. they make me see a bit deeper into the moment. which, i invite you to do as well.

val and i found this massive evergreen tree (which is not difficult to do in seattle) and decided together we ought to go play in and around it.

and i feel like a little magical tree vortex appeared. and valerie transformed into its reigning goddess.

the truth is - and it's cheesy as fuck but i'm going to say it anyways - we all have the capacity to tap into our inner goddess selves.

whatever kind of goddess that may be!

my goddess is a potty mouth, who dresses half like a tom-boy and half like a colorful madewell model.

val's goddess (in my view) is dreamy + sweet + lively + feminine + GENUINE.

oh, and FREE.

can you see all that reflected in these images? can i share with you how much this was NOT manufactured?

there was no team - no makeup artists. no fancy lighting. no frills.

just valerie, me and my camera. our bodies. our souls. the freshly rained seattle air. lake washington. the evergreen tree. and our imaginations. oh, and i must mention of course, our vulnerability.

because art IS vulnerability.

and the more we engage with it - the more we surrender ourselves to it - the greater our capacity to UNDERSTAND what lies within ourselves. our very souls.

art, therefore - photography, painting, graphic design, calligraphy, what have you.



until next time. oh, and happy valentine's day to EVERYBODY IN EVERY WAY IN EVERY PLACE WITH ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL +UNIQUE FACES.


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