jenny lesser art | an early autumn day in her bainbridge island studio

jenny lesser's art caught my eye for some time before i found the courage to reach out.

it looks like this.

you're on instagram

you find another artist you love that lives near you

you keep creeping on them over time

you think they seem nice

you keep creeping

their niceness seems real

so you make contact - friendly, casual.

and over time, you feel emboldened to say:

"hey, you make art. i make art. want to do it....together???????"

this is kind of a big deal for us introverted + artsy types. who thrive on being alone all day making things or reflecting on the possibilities of what could be made.

it's a HUGE deal for me to want to leave my shell and create with another actually.

and when it happens - it's special.

so please ENJOY. this special magical shoot of JENNY LESSER ART.

OHHHH and first these are a few shots of me EN ROUTE to bainbridge island from downtown seattle. i drove to the ferry terminal there from my home on the east side. i fricken love this area :)

if you haven't visited seattle yet... you may want to put it on your bucket list.

okay enough of that ferry mumbo jumbo.

on to the good stuff: