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kelsey kuno designs | an oil painter, designer, and animator in minneapolis, minnesota.

what a multitude of gifts <3

by the time i arrived at kelsey's charming uptown mpls apartment, the temperature had risen to above 80 degrees fahrenheit. it was an autumn afternoon in september, but summer stubbornly kept its hold.

this was my second of three shoots scheduled that day in the twin cities - soon, i was heading home to seattle.

a month or so prior to our session, i had reached out to kelsey regarding an animation project i was dreaming up for my logo. within days she responded suggesting we collaborate. and golly am i glad she did.

i am utterly in love with my animated logo, created by kelsey, with very little guidance from me :) she made a haphazard + unfinished dream come true. thank you.

now, please enjoy the fruits of our labor from this warm autumn afternoon.

kristin abigail creative portraiture of an artist

we started the session like any good session should - with tea. and damn good tea at that.

pink ceramic mug and colorful oil painting

kelsey's studio is warm. and welcoming. and her artwork is everywhere - propped up against the walls, and laying flat on the floors.

she says she doesn't know how her boyfriend (and roommate) puts up with it - but it's easy for me to see why.

because kelsey's artwork is absolutely alive. and drenched in feeling.

we had no plan for this session - no vision, so to speak. but it came together seamlessly. working together was like breathing in air.

my heart beats for artists like kelsey. we need her. and every single one of you. with you, we all breath a bit easier.

thank you, kelsey, for inviting me into this space, and into this moment <3


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